Truly unique, individual and personal, photo skirt. Perfect as a Birthday keepsake.

The skirt can have pockets and can be gathered or straighter.
The wording and pictures are all your own, you can have names, nicknames and others on your outfit.
Each outfit is made from Scuba polyester . You can have an elastic or band waistband, They are super durable and comfy.
I design and print the materiel myself, which I believe helps me create your outfit perfectly for you.Photos needed: 40-60 photos is perfect, though more or less can work too.
When you order, I will contact you to send your pictures. It is easier to send via drop box but email is also an option, though several will needed to be sent depending on the size of your images.
This design is an exclusive to us.

Photo print skirt, keepsake, birthday outfit

Skirt Style

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